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Friends gathered around a campfire in their fire ring
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Tall Tales

One of the most memorable things we do around campfires is telling stories of our outdoor adventures. The stories seem to get grander each time they are told, taking on a life of their own. The weather gets colder, the mountains get taller, and the rapids get rougher until the story truly fits the title of Tall Tale. So pull up your favorite camp chair or the nearest log, sit down and relax in the glow of the campfire and enjoy a few good tales.

Maybe these stories will even motivate you to write about your own adventures and share them with the group…

Camping at Ricketts Glen, PA
Story and Photos by Kirsti Bauer

Kirsti sent another story of a camping trip. This time she went with her husband to Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania.

Camping at Blackwater Falls, WV
Story and Photos by Kirsti Bauer

Weekend camping trips can be perfect to relax and get back to nature. Kirsti tells us about her trip to Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia.

The Joys of a Full Backpack
True Story by Derek Zurfluh

Every backpacker has to head out on their own without their mentor sometime. Here is a story about the first backpacking trip without dear old Dad to carry all the extra stuff.

That First Unforgettable Backpacking Trip
True Story by Greg Palmer

Here is a backpacking story about inexperience, overstuffed packs, and some of Mother Nature’s surprises that all came together to make a memorable trip.

Do you have a Tall Tale to share?
Submit your story to the Fire Ring

When submitting stories please include your name and any contact information you would like displayed so we can give you credit. Stories should be original, all rights to submitted stories will remain with the author but by submitting your story you agree to give royalty free permission to display it on the site.

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