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Friends gathered around a campfire in their fire ring
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Greg Palmer

I am a computer geek by trade and I like my job but my real interests in life are nature, art, and lifelong learning. I am an amateur nature photographer and artist. I spend as much time as possible with my wife camping and hiking, just getting away from the modern world. My idea of a perfect vacation is spending a week backpacking in a secluded wilderness.

Over the years I have spent many nights sitting around campfires telling stories of past adventures, dreaming of new adventures to take on, and sharing thoughts about various things in the natural world. My love of sitting around campfires started when I was young on family camping trips, then to Boy Scout trips, and finally to an adult life camping with family and new friends. If you have ever sat around a fire you know the magic it has. Campfires are hypnotizing, the flames gently dance as they change colors, and the hot coals under the fire glow with intensity and keep the chill of the night away. The light from a campfire is bright enough to light the circle of friends that sit around it but it leaves the rest of the world dark and black, which brings a feeling of closeness to everyone sitting in that circle.

This site is dedicated to that communal and friendly feeling of the campfire. I know it cannot come close to the real thing but I hope that it can stir the memories of those who have ever experienced it or maybe encourage those who have not to seek it out. All are welcome to join in and share your experiences, just send them to me and I'll post them on the site for all to enjoy and learn from.

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