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Friends gathered around a campfire in their fire ring
home » Ruins of Pataspco Valley State Park » Town of Alberton/Daniels
Town of Alberton/Daniels
Photos by Greg Palmer - 03/18/2007 (Posted 9/14/2007)

Daniels was a mill town like many others along the banks of the Patapsco River where its residents lived and worked until Tropical Storm Agnes wiped it out in 1972. Originally the town was named Alberton, it had at least 3 churches, many homes, and even a band. In the 1950s the C.R. Daniels Company took over the mill and renamed the town Daniels. Eventually after several floods the C.R. Daniels Company decided it was best to move operations to a new location so in 1968 the town lost its employer, and just a few years later it disappeared from the maps completely. Today if you look closely and know where to hike you can still find the old road through town and a few stone foundations among the trees.

Historic Photographs
Special Thanks to the Baltimore County Public Library Legacy Web
for permission to use these historic photographs
November 14, 1940 - Upper Brick Row
Hans Marx, Baltimore Sun
More about this Photo

November 27, 1956 - Aerial View
Lawrence McNally, for the News American
More about this Photo
1960s - The Pentacostal Holiness Church
More about this Photo
July 1972
The Church with Debris from Tropical Storm Agnes
More about this Photo

The Town of Alberton/Daniels Today

The Pentacostal Holiness Church in Alberton/Daniels

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