Gather Around the Fire Ring Before TV, before newspapers, even before we moved into houses... the fire ring was the gathering place to tell stories
and share personal experiences.
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Friends gathered around a campfire in their fire ring

Welcome to The Fire Ring
A site dedicated to the experiences shared around campfires.

Latest Additions and Updates:
Ruins of Patapsco Valley State Park
Ruins of Patapsco St Stanislaus Photo Gallery

With so much of the world's natural habitat being destroyed and replaced with cookie cutter houses and shopping centers, it is refreshing to see things moving in the other direction.

Patapsco Valley State Park in Maryland provides many opportunities to see nature reclaiming what humans once took away.

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The nights are long.
It's time to tell ghost stories around the fire.

True Tales of
Haunting Experiences
Paranormal Investigations

Your Fire Ring

Your fire ring
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This web site is dedicated to sharing experiences so if you have anything to share please send it so I can post it on the site. Please be sure to send your submission to the correct address for fastest processing.

"Is not the sky a father and the earth a mother
and are not all living things with wings
and roots and feet their children?"

                  - Black Elk

"Recycle, or your grandchildren will be mining landfills for aluminum."

                  - Greg Palmer

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